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I was boxed into a corner, with the only exit being a door to a confessional.At this point, I thought, if I reject the Catholic Church, there is good reason for me to believe I am rejecting the Church that Christ himself established.Following a decision of the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic Church revised that lectionary in 1969, adopting a three-year cycle of readings for Sundays and a two-year cycle for weekdays.Adaptations of the revised Roman Rite lectionary were adopted by Protestants, leading to the publication in 1994 of the Revised Common Lectionary for Sundays and major feasts, which is now used by many Protestant denominations, including also Methodists, Reformed, United, etc.He believes the Roman Church is the ultimate authority established by Jesus and that her teachings are therefore authoritative.He says: Unless I capriciously cherry-picked the Catholic tradition, I could not justifiably accept the Early Church’s recognition and fixation of the canon of scripture—and its correct determination and promulgation of the central doctrines of God and Christ (at Nicea and Chalcedon)—while rejecting the Church’s sacramental life as awell as its findings about its own apostolic nature and authority.

Victory has stated that it understands the gravity of the allegations and last year suspended the employees "who we found to be aware of the allegation of rape." "Victory Christian Center has a written policy that requires any allegation of abuse to be reported by employees to the Department of Human Services, and internally within one hour to their department head and the director of human resources."We hope these actions will help in the healing process of all who were affected." Special Judge Bill Hiddle explained that the son and daughter-in-law of Victory Senior Pastor Sharon Daugherty, who leads the 17,000-member congregation, did not carry as much blame for the incident as their three other co-workers who were sent to 30 days in jail last week on the same misdemeanor charges, The Associated Press reported.Former Victory employee Chris Denman, 20, was arrested in July 2012 for raping a 13-year-old girl at the church's stairwell, and was also charged for molesting a 15-year-old girl in a separate crime.He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 55 years in prison.The mother of the assaulted 13-year-old girl, however, filed a lawsuit against Victory in October for failing to report the crime on time., because like him, I was baptized and raised Roman Catholic, attending parochial schools through my primary grades and a preparatory school run by a Benedictine monastery throughout my high school years. Beckwith, in my teens I turned away from the Roman Catholic Church and Christianity altogether but was converted in my early twenties and began attending a Protestant Evangelical church.

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