Dating samick guitars


For over 30 years we have been building our products with the utmost attention to detail and our manufacturing process.We hire local talent at all of our factories and launched initiatives to work with reclaimed wood and replanting projects.

Some models will never be found in the catalogs, that's just the way it is.A year later, the 2-pickup 1449 was introduced and the Amp-in-case really took off.The 1449 is the most rare of the breed, being replaced by the almost identical redburst 1457 in 1964. Silvertone guitars represent the honest character of the guitars that created the classic music that still rules today. All of us – players and makers alike – started adding features and making demands that drove complexity up, up and away.Our unique headstock shape was created with the avid player in mind, looking for perfect tone and pitch every time.

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