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Marvin was the first of my clients to be killed by the state of Texas.Shortly after I joined Marvin’s legal defense team, my colleague Kate took me to meet him on Texas’ death row. He had an encyclopedic knowledge of sports, and listened to them every day on his prison radio. He shrugged when Kate talked to him about the execution date, just a few months away. He beat Marvin, whipped him with extension cords and called him stupid. Services The objective is to train and provide social and personal adjustment in all independent living skills. Eligibility Males or females 18 years old or older with mild to moderate range of mental retardation are eligible. Provide for medical, recreational, dental, social, psychological, physical therapy and speech and hearing therapy as needed. Active treatment, educational services designed to meet the individual needs of each client, including but not limited to the following: money management, household management, vocational skills, sexual awareness/safe sex skills, self medication skills, and basic academic services.

"They would hold them down and stick various items up their rectum, including coke bottles, deodorant bottles, steel pipes, baseball bats," the mother told KABB Fox News 29.It was only later, during Marvin’s appeals, that attorneys met with his family and unearthed his story. When Marvin was still an infant, Mary married Leland. Marvin watched Mary chase Leland around the house with a knife. Many time, he would bang his head against the wall over and over, even after his mother begged him to stop, ceasing only when she cradled his head in her arms.(The names of my client and his family have been changed to protect lawyer-client confidentiality, which does not end at the grave.) Marvin’s mother, Mary, grew up in a poor black family in rural Texas. Leland worked minimum-wage jobs, hauling lumber at construction sites. Once, Mary nearly stabbed Leland with a pair of scissors. Mary took Marvin to the hospital, where he was confined for about two weeks and prescribed an antipsychotic. That was the last time he’d ever receive mental health care in the free world.A few years later, Leland and Mary split up, and Marvin fell apart. A year later, Mary got back together with Leland and abandoned her son to live on his own. He liked turkey sandwiches.” She could not remember Marvin.This is the story Marvin’s lawyers told in his appeals. As we left Mary’s house, I remembered a cold winter day in Pennsylvania when I was a child.Mary’s mother murdered Mary’s father while Mary and her siblings were in the house. Mary’s brothers and sisters scattered, sent to live with relatives who could take them. She spoke to people no one else could see, and tore at her skin in the belief that bugs were crawling on it. Around the time Marvin returned from his hospitalization, Mary tried again to kill herself.

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