Inundating shield


Therefor you wanna squeeze in a damage abilitiy aswell in your rotation and keep an eye on the situation on what you need and where your Focus is.

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If theres a long fight with alot of tank damage over a longer time use your Invigorate and apply Deluge then use Nurture.

And for situations where its required both tank healing and raid healing use your Primal Avatar then Serenity and Estuary then do Deluge on tank and try to keep as much overhealing as possible on the tank (or target) to spread 20% of the overhealing done.

Leoine Ferocity - Turns battle rez into 100% health Restored and 30% less damage taken for 5 seconds Level 64 Ethereal Meditation - Doubles the amount of ticks Cultivate will do during its duration.

Level 65 Nature's Blessing - Restores health to up to 3 allies with the buff. Ancestral Force - Restores health to ally equal to 50% of caster's maximum health. 5 stacks of Blossom V Cultivate V Deluge (If emergency heal is needed) V Inundate (If large heal is needed) V Nurture (If tank needs healing) V Serenity V Estuary (If party needs healing) V Nurture V Vine Whip (If no healing is needed) V Naturalize (If no healing is needed) Nurture will provide the Blossoms/Germinate/Resilient Growth on your target and steady HPS.

Casting Cultivate will reduce the cast time of your Inundate, and any critical hits will proc Font of Vitality on you.

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