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Before we leave you, we’d like to add a 10th point of advice, as it’s an issue we’ve seen in startup ecosystems around the world: smooth investor handoffs.

Time and again, a new investor comes into contact with one aspect of their startup community.

The facts are simple: people are adding an average of ZERO new apps to their phones each month, and most modern news consumption happens in social media) places like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, and, of course, email).[ Tl;dr: Today we’re launching the new – a network of high-quality email newsletters.We have eight live newsletters, and we’re launching an exciting system that allows intelligent readers like yourself to decide which newsletter we launch next.During Angel Summit Europe, we held an invite-only workshop for startup community leaders from throughout Spain and across the EU region.Over the course of 90 minutes, we brainstormed ways startup communities might collaborate to grow their local angel communities.El otro dia una situacion me hizo acordar de un tema que habia aprendido hace muchos anios (pensandolo bien muchisimos ya que debe de haber sido hace casi 20 ) sobre management: “who’s got the monkey”.

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