Updating cache directory


I believe the issue started sometime after the release of OS X Mountain Lion.Apple's support community forum has several complaints of this issue.That said, there are users who have been encountering issues while downloading or installing Windows Updates in Windows 10.

I recently ran across a machine that was having problems installing Windows Updates.

For SCP protocol the cache has no benefit without being turned on as well.

The cache can be permanent (enabled by default), i.e. So you may need to disable it, if you are running two servers on the same host with different path semantics.

If the directory is changed externally (not from Win SCP), you may use command to reload directory content and update the cache.

Note that running remote command purges the cache for the current directory only.

It would seemingly go through fine but upon restarting it would change from “Configuring Updates” to “Failure configuring Windows Updates.

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