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The abracadabra is Eton’s basic academic timetable, determining who does what when; it is shown at the back of the Calendar and in Fixtures and boys and masters receive a personalised version showing their timetable.

An outline diary for the current term and outline dates for the coming terms, published online. The school is divided into five blocks, F–B: a new boy joins F, moves into E after one year, and so on, until he finally arrives in B. An iron lamp-post conveniently positioned right in the centre of Eton and hence often used as a meeting point.

A member of a particular block: F-blocker, E-blocker, and so on. A booklet published each half containing a complete list of masters, a complete block-by-block list of boys giving details of each one, a complete list of divisions and the Abracadabra.

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