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Separate to the HICS video conferencing services are web-based conferencing tools such as Flashmeeting (hosted by E2BN) .

You have 9 Lives Card, and would like to place your booking here are the instructions you’ll need to redeem your lives.Information about setting up filtering in your own home can be found below.Some of the advice about online safety is common sense but it’s also important that parents and carers know how to use the technology and be aware of how their children are using the internet.Socially our children often use the internet for entertainment, interaction, and communication with ‘friends’.Access to the internet can take place anywhere and at anytime so we need to make sure our children are able to use the internet safely.It is provided centrally to schools that subscribe to the Hertfordshire Internet and Connectivity Services (HICS.) All you need to get started is a web-browser with Flash 8 or higher installed, and a webcam.

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