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She wears a black trench coat and silver and black strappy heels.Anxiously leaning across the bar, she asks the bartender for the time.“They’re trying to keep their split top secret and away from the public,” a source tells the former site.Joey and Phoebe want Ross and Rachel to get back together, so when they ask them to set them up on blind dates, they take advantage of this and decide to set them up on terrible dates so they'll see how perfect they are for each other.Is everyone as obsessed with First Dates as we are?Whether it’s gunning for two people to really hit it off on their date, or falling in love with one of the diners ourselves.

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An attractive woman in her early 30s is sitting at the bar at the 3 Clubs in Hollywood.

"The Blind Date Project" is the brainchild of Serbian Australian actress Bojana Novakovic and co-director Mark Winter (Winter shares directing chores with Tanya Goldberg).

PHOTOS: The most fascinating arts stories of 2013Performed for the first time two years ago in Australia, the show aims to demonstrate the vulnerable, thoughtful, hilarious and humiliating moments that can happen on a first date."We just thought, if a blind date was a piece of theater over an hour [of time], what would it look like? "We had to neutralize the plot points as much as possible and create this skeletal structure so that we didn't have any written dialogue at all."Just like her character Anna, Novakovic has no idea ahead of time who her "date" will be — even whether the date is male or female — until the moment the show begins.

He looked a little tense and was trying hard not to be noticed. You'd better come see us talk and make some gifs of your own in our booth I14 #ebrojimoments @ijessewilliams @aryndlw @gkstudio studio A post shared by @ebroji on , the couple is calling it quits.

Apparently he filed for divorced this month, citing irreconcilable differences.

They were trying to be incognito,” the eyewitness said. ”Jesse has been married to Aryn Drake-Lee for four years now, having tied the knot with the real estate broker in September 2012.

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