Harvest moon magical melody dating game

Common locations for characters have not yet been posted, and this will be updated shortly!

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Estas fechas estn sujetas a cambios y son las que las compaas distribuidoras comunican a la prensa.

An additional marriage candidate, Jamie, was available for both male and female player character.

This title features many new characters, many of these characters having been based on characters throughout the series.

Each time you black-out from exhaustion, you will appear at the Clinic and Alex will scold you for not taking care of your body. First Appearance: When you enter the tool shop for the first time. She lives at the tool shop with her father, Michael, and claims to be a great inventor.

However, her inventions always seem to backfire in her face. Basil is a plant hunter, greatly intrigued with the greenery in the village.

Alex* First Appearance: When you enter the Clinic for the first time.

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