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After being gravely injured in a car accident, young Shiki gains the ability to see strange lines on the people and objects about him.A mysterious woman gives him a pair of glasses which suppress the lines to help him live a normal life and informs him to keep them until he needs to protect someone.Although Compile was not as big as Namco or Square (now Square Enix), it wasn't exactly a small company either.

Reportedly release details are still to be announced.

with new, enhanced artwork and sound, changes to the storyline, and the originally discarded route for Yumizuka Satsuki.

Last year, TYPE-MOON Ace 10 said that the action is being moved closer to Tokyo and previewed new characters.

) the group had produced to that point, as their final doujin product, the team officially disbanded the doujin group known as TYPE-MOON, and established TYPE-MOON as a brand name under Notes Co., Ltd.

On January 30th, 2004, Notes (from here on referred to as TYPE-MOON) published their first commercial product, the adult visual novel was not intended to be a game, much less an adult one.

It is also a dating sim (aka "hentai sex game for hard-up Japanese losers who can't get up the nerve to pay for a hooker, let alone grow the coconuts to ask a real girl out on a date").

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