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ISBN-13: 978-0739112014 ISBN-10: 0739112015 Rapid advances in IT that allow complex information to be presented in high volume and density are challenging human ability to absorb and analyze data as never before.Designing technologies and systems to provide optimal sensory information to human users will be increasingly important.

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The United States certainly shouldn't treat Japan as some terrible white-washer of history, especially when the United States itself is built on genocide and has several national holidays that perpetuate pathetic myths about the origin of the US, rather than acknowledging that genocidal genesis.

Japan’s crown prince has warned of the need to remember the second world war “correctly”, in a rare foray into an ideological debate as nationalist politicians seek to downplay the country’s historic crimes.

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My favourite is the site italki (friend me by signing up through that connects you with professional teachers who live in the country itself, so they charge you local rates, rather than in pounds for instance.

At first I was going to put "revisionist history news" as the title for this post, but the more I thought about it, Japan and Germany, those villains of World War II, are cited the most frequently as being the most forgetful and the nations most likely to erase or whitewash their histories.

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