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The North Fork Table & Inn’s truck delivers on a Grown Up Grilled Cheese (.50, plus an extra buck for bacon) with fontina, Taleggio, and marinated mushrooms that will be the highlight of your weekend.

It's 100 miles long and a world away from New York City, but Long Island creates a unique brand of woman that you can't help but love. We're a tough bunch to get along with, and if you're dating one of us, then you'll totally relate to these 18 things. Growing up with lots of different nationalities and a proximity to fresh seafood has made her fearless when it comes to food. Don't ask us why (another accidental Billy Joel quote), but she's always a woman to me.

Oh, you didn't spend every weekend of sophomore year attending mini-weddings that cost at least ,000? Not like she'll swim in it—it's just nice to know it's there. She’ll just call it “the city.” This one just hurts.

It hosts special events for age-specific groups who share similar passions and predilections.

The Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington is hosting a stand up comedy show this friday may 26th at for 10 bucks.

Excluding Billy Joel and outrageous property values, there are at least three things Long Island is good for: great wine, beautiful beaches, and low hanging fruit.

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