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But the law is vague about what legitimate non-verbal consent—the kind that, I’d wager, governs most sexual relationships—might look like.

It’s true that, contrary to some reports, it makes allowances for non-verbal assent.

The workplace, the campuses and the courts are the new testing grounds of sexual correctness. The obsession with correct codes of behavior seems to portray women not as thriving on their hard-won independence but as victims who can't take care of themselves. Back in the dark ages, when guys still wielded mighty swords and girls still protected their virtue (which is to say the mid-1960s), in a military school overlooking the Tennessee River, a colonel gathered his graduating cadets for the everything-you-need-to-know-about-sex lecture.

Complaints of harassment on the job have ballooned in the last three years (page 57) as men and women try to sort out when they can and cannot flirt, flatter, offer a friendly pat. "Gentlemen," he drawled, "soon you'll go off and get married and before you do, you need to understand the differences between men and women." He began to draw a chart on the blackboard.

Is specialized in the engineering and manufacturing of machines and complete lines for processing tomatoes, vegetables in general, fruits (also tropical), with focus on sterilizers and aseptic fillers for concentrates, fruit concentrated and semi-concentrated purees, vegetables in general and tomato, also with parts in suspension.

Is active in the food packaging industry with decades of experience in machinery for packaging in Form-Fill-Seal.

It offers integrated solutions, upstream and downstream of the production lines, creating complete and integrated systems.

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