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Chef Fabio Viviani has possessed a passion for food since his childhood growing up in Florence, Italy.At age 11 he worked nights at a local bakery (since he was too young to officially join the staff) and held several positions in the restaurant industry during his teenage years.season eight bringing his Italian classics back to the kitchen.

(function() )(); $(document).ready(function()); //fix video on scroll $(window).on('scroll',function(){ var $player = $('#aka Player123'); if( !if i could make a career out of top chef challenges, it would be so much fun.: undefined index: http_user_agent in require_once() (line 96 of /opt/src/publisher/bravotv/prod/2017-03-16/docroot/sites/all/common.there's three different rooms: a breakfast-lunch place with a creamery, a whiskey bar, and an east coast-style dining room.A prolific tech investor and business speaker, not only has he delivered over 300 keynotes in the past 7 years, but he has also featured at several Fortune 500 companies’ corporate functions to share expertise in branding, social media, and marketing.In 2016, Viviani launched his Know-How Leadership Academy, an online educational platform with guides and courses for small businesses and entrepreneurs.i can’t wait for bravo’s top chef finale tonight, and i don’t mind telling you that i am all in with team casey. the clock counts down until the next top chef is revealed, be sure to catch up on all the action from our emmy-award winning series last chance kitchen.

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