The system the dating dictionary

And when it comes to Interest Level, reality factor dictates that not all women will have an Interest Level of over 50% in you.

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Once the student (whom Doc Love refers to as ‘Spartan-In-Training’) fully internalises it, he can move on to the advanced Mastery Series.

THE SYSTEM – THE DATING DICTIONARY covers some specific concepts and ingredients involved in the dynamics of any relationship.

He has also interviewed several men that are 'naturals' in this area and never have trouble getting and keeping women.

Doc Love's thorough analysis of information gathered from his interviews has culminated in 4 volumes of work: THE SYSTEM - THE DATING DICTIONARY is the basic course that sets the foundation for everything else.

You can extrapolate the same thing to George Clooney, Michael Douglas, Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant…list goes on.

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