Postdating effective date of life insurance


The only people who would benefit from that would be trial lawyers. Closer to home, consider this: backdating a car insurance policy is insurance fraud.

Each state has a different Landlord-Tenant Act designed to protect the rights of both parties in a rental agreement.

Not all risk can be insured in the private market (i.e., by private insurers) but when available, insurance can be part of an effective risk management strategy.

Because I make most payments (like my mortgage) online, it’s not too often that I bust out the checkbook.

While it's not the easiest thing to do when it feels like the clock is ticking away in the background, this seems like pretty good advice.

Worrying about finding your "one true love" takes all of the fun out of dating.

A few weeks ago, however, I wrote a check and got a nasty surprise in my bank account.

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