Ms access screen updating off


it may be that if you're running Access 2000 or earlier, using Application.

Hi I am trying to build a VBA modul, two lines with the command (Application.

With the checkbox set, the underlying code disables screen updates, so you shouldn't see the reports' icons pop up.

Without the checkbox set, you will see the reports open and minimize, in design view. Echo method is simple to use, but many developers miss it, allowing their applications to appear somewhat dizzying as objects appear and disappear from the screen.

The first time the example hides the columns, screen updating is turned on; the second time, screen updating is turned off. Hidden = True End If Next c stop Time = Time elapsed Time(i) = (stop Time - start Time) * 24 * 60 * 60 Next i Application.Turn screen updating off to speed up your macro code.You won't be able to see what the macro is doing, but it will run faster. You can also optionally pass the method a second parameter? By passing this method a True or a False value, you can indicate whether you want to display updating within the main Access window.I am trying to disable screenupdating as one of the columns is keeping to update according to the active row in an Access report. Value Dim Test Array() As String Test Array = Split(Test String, ":") Dim Hours As String Dim Minutes As String Dim Seconds As String Dim Hours Minutes As Integer Dim Minutes Minutes As Integer Dim Seconds Minutes As Integer Hours Minutes = CInt(Test Array(0)) * 60 Minutes Minutes = CInt(Test Array(1)) Seconds Minutes = CInt(Test Array(2)) / 60 Dim Time In Minutes As Integer Time In Minutes = Hours Minutes Minutes Minutes Seconds Minutes Me.

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