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It is decorated with blue on white or with colored decorations. Twenty-first century so-called delft is often porcelain.Most of the pieces sold today were made after 1891, and the name Our suggestion is that if you can get a copy of the book, read up on delftware and get familiar with your pieces.A mark on the bottom of the piece can be misleading *at best*. For instance, Royal Delft vases made after 1876 have a De Porcelain Fles factory mark and a maker's mark.The maker's mark is a JT, underneath which reads the word Delft accompanied by the date code, artist's initials and style number.The book has many pictures and illustrations of marks to use for comparison purposes.

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The main period of tin-glaze pottery in the Netherlands was 1640–1740.Continue Reading Another way to identify Delft pottery is to look at the date stamp.From 1879 on, the date stamp is a series of letters.The most highly-regarded period of production is about 1640–1740.The manufacture of painted pottery spread from Antwerp to the northern Netherlands, in particular because of the sack of Antwerp by the Spanish troops in 1576 (the Spanish Fury).Stephen Van Hook, and "e Bay."The book "Discovering Dutch Delftware" is one of the best sources to help identify a large percentage of Dutch delftware in the market today.

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