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To learn about digital painting i've took one of your images and painted that on Adobe Illustrator.

Than I have a Idea to capture my screen to make a video of myself painting. I really love all the toolkits and thought you've put into this piece.

I came here to say that I think yout draws owesome.

I have 20 and I'm studying to be a Designer here in Brazil.

I don't know if you will like what i've done or not. I'd love to see it what this lock is attached to and I'd love to see it colored, but it's fantastic as is! The thing that gets me the most about this piece is that you managed to keep the anatomy spot on for being in such a contorted position. If you have any suggestions for my linearts, please give them to me I need all the help I can get. It may be only advance crit i could give would be.... I try to make every new drawing better than the last one (don't often succeed, but I keep trying).

But here is the link of the video ( [link] ) I've put the credits for you on the video and on the description. But if you doesn't, please tell me that I'll take the video off. I wouldn't have been able to pull that off EVEN if I had a model of the same body type doing that very pose in front of me. Also, I am coloring this particular piece cause I just seem to need to color it. mabye you can vary the line weight because of all of the detail. if you have time would you possibly take a quick look at my art and let me know what you think? Remember, it's not just about how it looks, it's how it's built from the inside out. I was looking at all your other art before hand, and I kept noticing in your comments that you keep saying most of your art/animations are "Roughly done". x D All of your arts are really rare and well done, your animations are wonderful~ The movements are really well drawn out, and everything matches and blends in with each other well. Please do keep up the good work, I'm enjoying your art and animations.

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