Short story about dating violence

But yet I stuck up for him after each one thinking he would change, but he never did.After two and a half years of our relationship he started taking drugs then he threatened to kill me and that was it, I believed he would and decided to end it for good.My unhealthy Relationship…I started dating a guy freshman year that I fell head over heels for.

This is a short story about Mary, who is a sophomore in high school.Here is her story: Since the age of nine I had been in love with this one boy ... We used to get together and he used to cheat, even at the young age of 11 he broke my heart by cheating on me.At the age of 13 we got back together and at first it was great: he was loving and kind.I thought I could give him a second chance and he would change but that was a mistake.We dated off and on for three years because I though he was the best I could get. When he would shoot up he would hurt me, choke me, hit me and would tell me if I didn’t do drugs with him he would put it in my arm for me.After being treated like crap for years I realized that I thought it was normal for a boyfriend to treat their girl like that.

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