Chat room naughty no registration consolidating two balance sheets

I have full privileges, admin, kick, title, etc.-- you know. However, when I try to change the settings of other deviants in the room, it does not let me adjust certain things, specifically what the other members can and cannot promote to.

The 'Founder' class is set at order=99 (as it should be), and I have another admin who is at order=98.

Video Online Chat Room - This room is basically for webcam chatters who love to do online instant webcam chat with other chatters.

This room is for all age peoples and make sure you are 13 to access our video chat room.

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- You see, your grandmother was the sister who gave birth to my mother, and your own grandmother gave birth to your dad. Then, my mom came out, married and gave birth to me and your dad married, after which you were born.

It is registration free video chat website for all ages above eighteen aged peoples.

Registration is optional so there is no need of registration to chat in our rooms.

I imagine this is because of the official deviant ART app being upgraded, so perhaps its a future update. reading through this and other DA helps I think it might have to do with the read-only. The web chat shows 64 people chatting in #devart and it's fairly busy.

I'm afraid I don't know anything for certain but I can't see an easy answer I don't know if it's alright to ask this question here but.. When I join #devart on, there are only 11 and nobody is talking. I have a question, and I'm not really sure where to find the answer, but maybe ya'll can help me out here.

One depressing, if not mildly funny corollary of recent finance scandals has been the subsequent release of a trove of incriminating trader instant messages.

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