Britney spears and ashton kutcher dating

He helped Britain's Got Talent contestant Susan Boyle become even more famous by mentioning her on a Twitter message to his wife.

, the Kentwood, Louisiana native never could have predicted the amount of success she would earn.

Le coup d'envoi de la cérémonie de l'édition 2016 des Billboard Music Awards est donné par Britney Spears qui reprendra un medley de ses plus grands tubes, le tout en direct de Las Vegas.

He ended by saying: 'To everyone who is following me on Twitter, you guys are awesome and I just really enjoy the conversation we can have every day.'Kutcher is thought to add over 15,000 new followers every day.Most recently, the pair expressed the possibility of collaborating on new music together.Let's just say their fans would be totally supportive.Kutcher is rated as having 858,600 followers while CNN has 921,451.He admitted the number of people who follow his micro blogs was 'crazy'.'I just realized I have 842,550 people that are following my Twitter feed which is kind of scary to me now,' he said.'Like I didn't realise that there were that many people following.Singer Britney Spears is second on the list - but her management have admitted she rarely sends out the short 140 word messages.

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