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VATICAN CITY—Arriving in their dusty pickup trucks from as far away as the dioceses of Oria and Locri-Gerace to express their support for a leader who they say embodies their interests and defends their way of life, droves of rural working-class archbishops reportedly poured into St. ATLANTA—Noting how important it is to make a good first impression, Pittsburgh Pirates rookie first baseman Josh Bell told reporters before Tuesday’s game against the Atlanta Braves that he’s still nervous about chatting with opposing baserunners.THE HEAVENS—Upon discovering His shining celestial throne had again begun to wobble beneath Him, God the Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth, reportedly attempted to level it out Tuesday by shoving another cherub under one of its legs.Saturday 7th October, this unique event will reunite members of the cast from through out the show's 26 years history.The day will include stage panels, photo and autograph opportunities and one or two surprises along the way!The fundraising has already reached it's initial target, so let's take the roof off and raise more money in memory of one of the finest actors of the modern age!

With all the recent rain, followed by this weekend’s sun and the promise of rising temperatures over coming weeks, conditions are near perfect.

As the tech giant continues to debut new projects, The Onion highlights some of Google’s most ambitious ventures to date: As our employees ceaselessly analyze a vast trove of classified White House documents on ocean barges floating outside the jurisdiction of the Fair Labor Standards Act, we are finding ample evidence that the path being pursued by this president and his cabinet is, as anticipated, startlingly unlike any other in history.

BRUSSELS—Sad and lonely from the diplomatic trip that has kept him thousands of miles away from his private estate for almost a week, a homesick Donald Trump stayed up all night on the phone with the automated Mar-a-Lago reservations line, sources said Wednesday. president Donald Trump during his visit to the Vatican.

Whereas leaf plants such as lettuce and cress do best when the moon is passing through water signs such as Pisces and Scorpio.

He found that the most striking results were with the carrots.

"We organised a mini-cast reunion as part of our TV Utopia earlier this year," says event organiser Dexter O'Neill, "and there was a clear love for the series and the characters.

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