Docky weather not updating

That area is sort of tricky to hit, so I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if it has happened to some of you with other applications.The Launchers displays apps for Xiphos, Cheese, Banshee, Terminal, Chromium, Empathy, and GVBAM.The weather docklet provides you with various weather data for today and the next several days. To configure the docklet, right click and select "Settings", enter the name of the city you want to monitor, weather provider (3 available), whether to use metric (default is customary) and the interval of update.Under the menu there is also a link to the Radar Map and a link to the full weather report for the next 7 days.Anybody else have trouble with the weather app, mine will not update location, no matter where I go in the country it remains stubbornly on my home location, this is the same whether i use the stock app or try HDWidgets. As you may know, Docky is an application launcher similar to the one on Mac OS X.Also, it provides a bunch of docklets for displaying the weather report, clock and CPU usage, somehow similar to AWN and cairo-dock.The latest version available is Docky 3.0, which has been recently released, coming with changes and features.

Just a word of warning: Don't leave Docky's area while in this mode or it will reset to the standard dock look.

Of late, there are many complications faced by users for weather app on their Apple Watches.

We have received many questions like Apple Watch not updating weather or Apple Watch weather app complications or Apple Watch weather app not working.

I recently installed KDE in Ubuntu, and to my surprise, Docky works in KDE (dunno really).

After two minutes of testing, I realized that I wanted GNOME more, so I decided to uninstall KDE Desktop.

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