Quiz dating skills


However, you shouldn’t be afraid to tell your partner how you’re actually feeling.

They know what they like, and they like what they know.

You and your partner have good communication skills, but there’s room for growth.

While it’s evident that you understand the importance of honesty, you sometimes feel compelled to hold back the full truth.

Even if situations arise when you’re tempted to fib, or avoid certain topics altogether, these choices in the short-term will only hurt you in the long run.

If you commit to keeping your communication levels high, the success of your relationship will be high as well.

What about the knowledge to catch him and keep him once he enters your life?

By taking the dating quiz, you’ll discover your Dating IQ and know the areas that might need adjusting. Once you are aware, that is the first step toward getting what you want and finding love again with a good man.

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Some people are lone wolves, content to howl at the moon rather than whimper for their lovers, and some people are thoughtful jugglers who can manage to keep all their own expectations and responsibilities balanced, so that both they and their loved ones feel self-respect. We’ve devised a quiz to let you find out for yourself where you fall on the scale of being high maintenance. When it comes to dating they are the type of person that likes to pick the restaurant, pick the wine, pick the movie, and often suffers when they aren’t running the show.

Some women instinctively know exactly what to do when it comes to attracting the man who’s right for them.

This quiz takes approximately 3 minutes to complete, and sorts you into one of four (4) buckets.

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