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The 40-year-old Beadle was born in Italy but spent most of her childhood in Texas.

She attended the University of Texas at San Antonio before her broadcasting career.

Since Beadle is returning to ESPN, maybe Cohn could have been a little less condescending with her answer to avoid future awkard encounteres at the company picnic. Then again, maybe she knows something about Beadle that we don't and there was a falling out.

But then, it gets personal: Retract the claws, Linda!

Under terms of the pact, Beadle will join ESPN senior writer and Ramona Shelburne for their new national radio show called “Beadle & Shelburne The new radio show will premiere Feb. Her hire suggests the sports outlet will continue to strike deals where it can see a feasible return on investment as the operating environment for media companies becomes more challenging.

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The show will run for half an hour on ESPN, as opposed to the hour it has had on ESPN2.

Beadle returned to ESPN in March of 2014, as host of “Sports Nation,” her second turn on the program, which she had previously hosted with Colin Cowherd before leaving in 2012 to try her hand at both sports and entertainment programming at NBCUniversal.

But in the course of that misunderstanding having been done, bad stuff has happened and so now it’s just a nothing.

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