Who is erin wasson dating


"I definitely think I’ve simplified things and become much more unwavering in my aesthetic because I want to know that what I’m buying is going to stay with me.

Now the edgy Texan is revealing a 25-piece line of fine jewelry simply called Wasson.

And I wanted to work with precious metals and stones again." Wasson’s inspirations include influences as varied as architectural elements (windowpanes, fences) and '50s car headlights, and she uses things like pearls in an industrial, minimalist way.

Read more Kristen Stewart's Short Hair Gives Her Confidence "My love for jewelry is unequivocal," she said.

This makes her nationality American and ethnicity white.

The names of her parents are Eric Roberts and Kelly Cunningham.

Her sun-drenched apartment is filled with vintage and antique finds, treasures she's amassed over years of traveling.

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