Updating active x


Depending on your corporate desktop policies for Windows updates, this may affect your users immediately.

The Microsoft Internet Explorer Active X Update 912945 changes the way Active X controls work for Microsoft XP SP2 users.

You could do far worse than this tool just be sure to scan the installation files when you download it to be sure you have a legitimate version.

You will see a yellow ribbon across the bottom as shown here: To install the Active X (IE only): 1) Click "Install" to install the Active X. Also, make sure you are using the 32-bit version of IE, not the 64-bit version.

This will update the Active X using a browser on the same server as the website.

But any other computer it will not update the Active X control. The same way that blasted Adobe Flash updater does it, nagging relentlessly every time I restart my machine.

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One of the more common solutions that can filter Active X easily is the open source router firmware DD-WRT.We highly recommend that you install the Active X for all of your users beginning any time after the Beta starts until the Update is made available.This process provides you with additional time to install the Active X at your convenience.Fixing Windows Update Errors The help files for errors like code 8024402F are of little help even when you click the link to “Get help with this error”.The real problem may be because you’re filtering Active X traffic.We’ll show you how to disable Active X filtering in DD-WRT – if you’re using some other firewall solution, refer to its documentation to disable Active X filtering, or leave a comment on this post and we’ll try to pinpoint how to disable it.

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