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Kylie Jenner isn’t the first celeb — or even the first Kardashian-Jenner to wear bike shorts as part of an everyday outfit, but on Wednesday she found a way to make them seem pretty damn thotty. You see, there’s a Kickstarter right now raising money for Romp Him, which is — you guessed it — Pantone, what’s good?Instead of trying to dress them up with a leather jacket and heels or obscure them with an oversized “OMG have you heard there’s a MALE ROMPER? If you think greenery green is the color of the year, you are dead wrong.

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Regina George and her minions once said that you need to wear pink on Wednesdays.

Combining Parisian chic with day to day comfort wear, she traded her stilettos for a pair of trainers.

Bella Hadid headed out with Kendall Jenner in Paris this week, where both ladies had put on fashionable displays.

Not only is it one of the most stylish capital cities in the world, the ladies were there for men's fashion week, so looking fabulous for dinner was a given.

Kendall had kept on her mesh bodysuit with cool glitter stars from earlier in the day, but Bella had changed into a long-sleeved top from Off-White paired with a skirt, fabulous fur coat and lace up booties.

Gigi’s hoodie’s by New York based designer Danielle Guizio and comes as a set with matching joggers, which is available to buy now!

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