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Click the magnifying glass icon on the left to get started.You do not need to login or register an account to use 2meet4free.Nirvana's first team secretary, Zak Hajat, said: 'He always plays with a bandana.It's never been a problem anywhere else.'But the referee went up to him and said: "You're not playing in that." I think it was more out of ignorance for the rules than anything else.'The Independent Football Association Board Laws of the Game states that a player can wear headwear, provided it is black or the same colour as the team's shirt.

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She was very surprised but we didn't talk about it then. I was very confused for a while, excited but then unhappy because I would have to leave my family. I haven't actually started wearing a Hijab yet, but I have been advised and I believe that every step should be taken slowly. I have a strong Iman and I believe that In sha Allah one day they will be Muslims.Pretty sure most of us are on this site for similar reasons...I never know what to type in boxes such as this one but here goes.Assalamu Alaikum Muslim Here's my story: As I was getting older, in my teenage years my dad always made me believe that all Muslims are bad people. The Muslim boys influence Sikh girls and take them to Pakistan and sell them there. To be everyone was always equal disputing the fact what religion they were. Eventually I went to university where I met my best friend. Although we were very different we became very close. Where I was living I used to go passed a Mosque everyday and for some strange reason the Kalima used to come into my mind. I didn't think much of it, and told my bf but he just got freaked out but then we forgot about it. It made me think how can all Muslims be bad if she's so nice. It became serious but I always knew when I move back home I had to leave him and marry a Sikh Man. He wasn't a religious Muslim as you can tell so he never thought me anything about Islam other than reciting the Kalima. It looked like a Allah sign on my hand visible through my veins.After hearing of the ban, the striker's Nirvana teammates also refused to play - but the referee backed down and Mr Mudhar scored both goals in his side's 2-1 win.

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