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If you are able to talk to your partner, doctor or nurses about your worries it can ease them.

Cancer and its treatments can affect how you feel about your body and your sex life.

If you are in a loving relationship your concerns may be different from someone who is single.

If your feelings about your body and having sex change during your cancer treatment, it doesn't mean that it will last forever.

Women who have had extensive surgery, radiotherapy or both might find the treatment permanently effects how they have, and what they feel during, sex.

But there are ways to manage the problems that can cause these changes.

She is currently a clinical nurse specialist and AASECT-certified sexuality counselor at Cancer Care Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada.

Some types of cancer and their treatment affect your ability or desire to have sex more than others.

This is sometimes referred to as female sexual dysfunction and can affect you physically and emotionally. If you develop a sexual problem, talk to your health care provider as early as possible about any symptoms or concerns.

Some women may feel uncomfortable discussing sexual concerns.

explains the changes that many women with cancer experience and offers practical and compassionate advice on how to handle these changes.

Each chapter describes the experience of a woman with a particular kind of cancer and a variety of related problems, including loss of libido, physical pain, and struggles communicating with a partner.

But some people say that they want to have sex more than usual.

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