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We recomend that you only do this after being instructed by one of our Customer Care representatives.By using these updates you agree to accept the possibility of product failure.On December 6, 2010, ITU-R recognized that these two technologies, as well as other beyond-3G technologies that do not fulfill the IMT-Advanced requirements, could nevertheless be considered "4G", provided they represent forerunners to IMT-Advanced compliant versions and "a substantial level of improvement in performance and capabilities with respect to the initial third generation systems now deployed".Mobile Wi MAX Release 2 (also known as Wireless MAN-Advanced or IEEE 802.16m') and LTE Advanced (LTE-A) are IMT-Advanced compliant backwards compatible versions of the above two systems, standardized during the spring 2011, As opposed to earlier generations, a 4G system does not support traditional circuit-switched telephony service, but all-Internet Protocol (IP) based communication such as IP telephony.For the protection of our customers, Apple does not disclose, discuss, or confirm security issues until a full investigation has occurred and any necessary patches or releases are available.To learn more about Apple Product Security, see the Apple Product Security website.Apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability.

A 4G system must provide capabilities defined by ITU in IMT Advanced.

i Tunes will notify you when OS 4.0 is available and you will be able to download the software and update your device.

Remember that prior to installing i OS 4 on your i Phone / i Pod you will need to have downloaded and installed i Tunes 9.2 as a prerequisite.

And users of i Phone 4S smartphones on AT&T's network might have been a bit surprised to see the traditional "3G" icon in the device's upper-left corner magically replaced by a brand-new "4G" icon.

Tell us when a software update transforms our phones into 5G devices: Then we'll be excited. A Tuesday software update released by Apple bumped all i OS devices up to version 5.1 of the operating system.

In other words, your AT&T i Phone 4S now says 4G because that's exactly what it is: an HSPA device that runs on a "4G" network, even though the network is technically AT&T's 3G network, not the company's separate 4G LTE network. For more tech tidbits from David Murphy, follow him on Facebook or Twitter (@thedavidmurphy).

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