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Available in ropes and pads Made of cotton or synthetic fabris that is absorptive and permeable to water and oxygen.May be used wet, moist, dry, or impregnated with petrolatum, antiseptics, or other agents. Dressing change varies with wound condition and location4.

Instead, multiple types of dressings may be needed for a single wound over its healing trajectory.The production of wound exudate occurs as a result of vasodilation during the early inflammatory stage of healing under the influence of inflammatory mediators such as histamine and bradykinin.It presents as serous fluid in the wound bed and is part of normal wound healing in acute wounds.Com in varying weaves and with different size interstices.-Maintain moist environment-Nonadhesive to healing tissue & comfy-Impermeable to external bacteria and contaminants-Support autolytic debridement-Minimal to mod absorption-Waterproof, reduce pain, easy to apply-Time-saving, diminish friction-Soothing, cooling, fill dead space-Rehydrate dry wound beds-promotes autolytic debridement-Provide minimal to mod abroption-Conform to wound bed-Transparent to translucent-many are non-adherent-Amorphous form can be used when infection is present-Readily available, cheap-can be used with solutions such as gels, normal saline, or topical antimicrobials to keep wounds moist-can be used for infected wounds-Good mechanical debridement if properly used-Cost-effective filler for large wounds-Effective delivery of topicals if kept moist-Non-tranparent-May soften and change shape with heat or friction-Odor and yellow drainage on removal-Not recommended for wounds with heavy exudate, sinus tracts, or infections; wounds that expose bone or tendons; or wounds with fragile surrounding skin-Dressing edges may curl-Nontransparent-Non-adherent foams require secondary dressing, tape, or net to hold in place-Some newer foams have tape on edges-Poor comformability to deep wounds-Not for use with dry eschar or wounds with no exudate1. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.Exudate management is relevant to patient quality-of-life issues as it is often associated with leakage and malodour.

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