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So what about meeting Christianns in London towns like Aldgate, Kingston, or Kensington, Canning Town or Bexley or Bloomsbury?

The campaign #consideruggie was set up to find him recognition for his film roles, claiming he “outperformed Unfortunately BAFTA rejected their efforts (helpfully pointing out he isn’t a human – thanks guys), but the Cannes Awards knew he wholeheartedly deserved accolades and promptly granted him the Palm Dog Award for ‘best performance by a canine’ in 2011.It's actually the second most desirable place to live on the planet!Join FREE | About 101 Christian singles | Christian Chat | help | Real marriage testimonials! - well because myself founder of Fusion has spent many a long hour behind my old computer - so that Christians could finally get a decent (I like to say were the best!!A year into the job, designer Jonathan Saunders tells all to Dan Rookwood What’s the point in an all-singing, all-dancing smartwatch if it gives out when it meets a little water? Seriously, we’d give our right hand for one of these — which is a shame, as the watch would fall off.The Instituto Cervantes is the official Spanish Language and Cultural centre.To help you we have also included some other ondon specific web sites that show you the best of London - where to meet - what to see - where to eat etc.

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