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” Nudge is demanding £700 000 for the psychological trauma his colleagues jokes have caused him and he is urging that he will get each and every male member from his office pay up and apologize before he raises the suing amount even higher. Pete, a 43-year old Luton local who works at Nudge’s office, had this to say about the case.

“All we’ve done is treat him like all of the other boys, you know, bit of banter and that, and he goes ahead and sues us.

The first day I came to the office and wanted to introduce myself and build a relationship with my new colleagues, there was this one guy, Pete, who I’d never met before, who said “You again, I can’t be seen with you, the wife will kill me” and walked away, and ever since then it’s been a non-stop stream of witticisms and jokes from ALL the guys.

It’s really disturbing stuff and I can’t take it anymore – Oh and I’m never having Nandos again!

Marriage counseling or marital therapy can refer to either or some combination of the below Common core principles of relationship counseling and couples therapy are: Respect Empathy Tact Consent Confidentiality Accountability Expertise Evidence based Certification, ongoing training Types of Counseling: Group therapy.

Group therapy is facilitated by a professional therapist, and involves a group of peers working on the same problem, such as anxiety, depression or substance abuse, for example.

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The primary focus is on making positive changes in the here and now. Family therapy involves treating more than one member of the family, at the same time, to help the family resolve conflicts and improve interaction.Group therapy can be a valuable place to practice social dynamics, in a safe environment and get inspiration and ideas from peers who are struggling with the same issues. Couples therapy involves the two people in a committed relationship.People go to couples therapy to learn how to work through their differences, communicate better and problem-solve challenges in the relationship.“My friend was messaging with this guy, who said he was an oil executive flying in and out of the country, stringing her along with excuses for not meeting up.” When the suitor emailed her to say he was in jail and needed bail, the woman’s friends felt compelled to step in.“We had to convince her the situation was suspicious.Here's five stars who showed impressive staying power with their first loves.

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