Template dating


If everything is moving online, why should dating be any exception to that?

Think about it, people can list their preferences and find partners who have the very qualities they’re looking for!

They are released under Creative Commons 4.0 International license.

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The culture of dating websites have gained immense popularity nowadays, with most people trying to find their partners online.

I hope it helps you to express yourself more confidently, connect with someone special, and… If we go on a date, you can expect __________________.

My number one goal, right now, is __________________.

Struggling to write your profile without rambling on and on and onnnnnn forever? I think every morning should begin with __________________ and every evening should end with __________________. I feel annoyed at myself when __________________ (but I’m working on that.) If you were to peek inside my fridge right now, you would find __________________. I’ve been told that I have very beautiful __________________.

Here’s a template to help you craft an interesting, playful, not-too-long dating profile. My favorite thing about being in a relationship is __________________.

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