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The singer’s neck tattoo matched a cluster of stars Rihanna got inked on the back of her neck, and the stars tattoos were reportedly meant as a symbol of the couple’s undying love.Unfortunately, the two celebrities have since called it quits, as many do, and Rihanna had her stars tattoo altered shortly thereafter.In June 2009, he was sentenced to five years probation, community service in lieu of serving jail time, and anger management counseling. READ MORE Karreuche's manager Jacob York calls Geragos' claims laughable ...Brown has openly discussed witnessing his mother be violently abused by his step-father as a child. He has been arrested and cited for various other outbursts and violations that have landed him in jail and assigned to community service. telling us it's insane to think Karreuche would take legal measures against Chris just for press. READ MORE Chris Brown's gonna take a huge hit if a Tampa club has its way -- it wants the singer to give back the k it paid because he bailed on his appearance after allegedly punching the club's…News said Brown responded by choking and threatening to kill the pop diva before she lost consciousness.

Lucky for you, we’ve done all the research for you, and included right here everything you need to know about each and every Chris Brown tattoo and the meaning it holds for the singer.The singer’s chest tattoos include a “symphonic love” tat with roses inked over top of a diamond, and a wings tattoo with four stars inked on his pecs.See more pics & read about the meaning and story behind his chest tattoos…read more In 2008, Chris Brown got a trio of stars inked on his neck as a matching tat with then-girlfriend, Rihanna.The incident led to the cancellation of both their Grammy performances Sunday.Brown was raised surrounded by domestic violence; his stepfather allegedly abused his mother.The lyrics of the Alicia Key song are about a woman falling in and out of love, which is sort of Rihanna and Chris' story.

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