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One thing England is known for are its many fine stately homes and manor houses.

The battle was fierce and bloody, and although the poorly armed Highlanders fought bravely, they were put to flight.

The incident raised tensions between the countries so high that the English threatened invasion.

A descendant, William de Soulis, inherited the castle in 1318. He was accused of abducting children and using their blood in dark magical practises, safe in the knowledge that a prophecy that said he could not be harmed by steel nor bound by rope.

It seems that de Soulis was relying entirely on the marshy ground, which was probably enough to discourage any attacker in all but drought conditions.

The site was partly enhanced by a system of low ramparts and ditches joining several small streams. The English king, Henry II, objected, claiming that the castle was too close to the border.

James IV of Scotland crossed into England with 30,000 men and met the Earl of Surrey, who commanded the English army, at the base of the hill of Flodden in Northumberland.

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