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The question of whether to build a Vienna U-Bahn was the subject of heated debate for over one hundred years.

On October 18 2008, officials of VW conducted their own investigation of the “car crash.” VW spokesman Peter Thul claimed that someone with access to Haider’s car key could have manipulated the limo’s electrics which control the engine’s ‘brain:’ Here & Here.The Abbey Church, with its symmetrical twin towers and impressive 18th-century ceiling paintings, is known as one of the finest Baroque churches north of the Alps.), where U-Bahn is an abbreviation of the German term Untergrundbahn (English: underground railway), is one of the two rapid transit (metro) systems for Vienna, Austria. With the opening in October 2013 of the 4.2 kilometers (2.6 mi)-, three-station extension of the U2 line, (after test operations began on ), but two of the lines extended and later designated as U-Bahn (U4, U6) date back to the Stadtbahn ("city railway") system, which opened in 1898.Tickets are not valid on bus services operated by Vienna Airport Lines and the City Airport Train express train.Compared to other underground railways worldwide, the Vienna U-Bahn is young.Parts of the U2 and U6 lines began as subway tunnels built to accommodate earlier tram lines.

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