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The sleazy manager offers her the choice of working it off in the laundry or giving him a blowjob.She chooses the laundry where she works alongside Bruno, a man with the biggest dick she’s ever seen – or sucked. stem cells Errybody know the cat like a dope meme I got em' buzzing off the crack like a dope fiend They saw em' come up with a Mac yeah I'm so Steve Nowadays bitches tryna crack got 'em ODing Like how them hoes want to get it with L They know it's cold enough to charge like a letterman sale If they gon' stand behind the bars I'm in federal jail I'm going far like a general mail On that note I got the fellas saying what up, the tape what up The same mothafucker playing with his steak cut up I'm great, shut up, the flowing no debate just us I'm out of shape but I'm straight to fuck Yeah you know I got a chicken in the condo I was sick of getting off beat she a bongo Now she playing with the hard D being Rondo Drunk and go inside her all sweet like a Strongbow How I'm'a do?Bruh Meet The Burds (Interlude) Professional Rapper Who Knew Lemme Freak Lemme Freak For Real Tho (Outro) White Crime Molly Bruh...With a 100 percent serious facial expression, I might add.3.He gets upset when you say all his exes look basic. He heads back to the bar when he’s done with his drink, but doesn’t offer to get you one.5. Hot shit like I poop in the jacket Won't mack your bitch but yo I'm bout to come and mack your clique Your whole friend group fucking with Dick (no hetero) I yawn when I hear these motherfuckers on the radio They ball all retarded Cuba Gooding up in radio I long for the moment I can say that's not debatable I'm past that, I wonder who appreciate it like a snapchat Affleck, dunk the dude, I'm going hard for the grind but I tuck this move I made war with the rhymes, motherfuck your crew These bitches going Adolf, tryna fuck this Jew I'm too nice like a motherfucker that fell in love with a boo Twice as in double as fuckable as he was And dude tries to be subtle and get a cuddle Venting the troubles and getting the truffles and ending up Befuddled when she don't fuck him and someone tell him listen You bugging she never fucking a pedestrian mother like you So why all the trouble but he rebuttal with I think I just love her so I would shudder at the thought Of being anything other than nice Peeping like a Port-A-Potty It wasn't even deep dang shit is still a hobby It's too bad bitches sleeping on me threesome Cus now these bitches want to help but he don't need none I'm all time like the Wall at the Bank You've no shot like you drawing a blank Honestly you probably couldn't hang man I've been drawing a blank Giving you lines while you sitting there and drawing a blank So go in the rink, chilling like stoning and banging And I’m flowing danker than a grower in Napa Growing the stankist cannabis Going rapping flowing smacking all these rappers And showing the total package like my flaccid is growing fatter Samoan cracker dapper rapper had to keep goin Yeah that rap is a rap I know you rappers napping don't know it There’s a dagger pita pappa-tapping on the window It’s a real accurate metaphor of what you having in store And I be snapping I mean I be splashing on the Pay me your rain, fallin Quicker than Aladdin's first name Are you better than me? This shit I'm making's always tight it's like a yoga store They all up in the other boat it's why I'm overboard I'm taking time to do it right it's like a soda pour Cus we ain't loving all you bitches like we spoken for Damn packing the van, wagging the man, cracking the ma'am Packing the stands, had them clapping they hands Tagging they ‘grams, Manhattan was ham Slapping the fans, playing havin' the plan Fans rapping the jams, sagging my pants You see the type of shit I do on the track?

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When you sleep over, it’s on his inflatable queen-sized bed (he’s 25).2.

When he tries to drunk serenade you on the guitar, he plays Modest Mouse.

F*ckboys come in all shapes and sizes, but if I had to stick to a general rule, I’d say it’s safe to assume that if he’s 29, you’re 21, you have a real bed and he doesn’t, he’s probably a f*ckboy.

But, if you’re still not sure, check out the 50 things your “man” may do, which undoubtedly make him a f*ckboy:1.

They're sheer with little lace decorations and they allow us a look at her hairy pussy underneath without getting too invasive.

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