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This might involve going out to buy one or pulling one from an older machine or your stash. If you don't and are getting a strange number of beeps from your motherboard, you might not have inserted your PCI card correctly into the slot and your motherboard is telling you it doesn't detect a VGA.. And I recommend you don't either unless you find it absolutely necessary.This step will let you POST with your bricked graphics card inserted as the Power-on Self-test will not fail due to the incomplete BIOS present on your PCI-E card because you have switched the primary display to the PCI card. (Note: If your PCI-E card is ATi card and your PCI card is an n VIDIA card or vice-cersa, I WOULD NOT recommend installing n VIDIA (or ATi) drivers to accommodate your PCI card as the generic Windows display drivers will serve fine for the purpose of this guide).*The guide linked in the above post is no longer available. Your motherboard SHOULD default to the IGP for output, but don't quote me on that.The scan collects data necessary to recommend the correct driver update such as graphics hardware, operating system, language, and current driver version.There are two ways to access the NVIDIA Update control panel.

NVIDIA Update does not collect any personally identifiable information.

This info is usually found in the "Important Information" section.

To locate other BIOS versions you can try and find the version download by navigating through the links located at Caution: If Bit Locker is not suspended before updating the BIOS, the next time you reboot the system it will not recognize the Bit Locker key.

NVIDIA Update keeps your PC up-to-date with the latest NVIDIA drivers by notifying you when a new driver is available and directing you to the driver on

Starting with R275 drivers, NVIDIA Update also provides automatic updates for game and program profiles, including SLI profiles.

Picture depicting how to use the filters to find what card you're looking for2) Now this part can get a bit complicated.

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