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Lauren’s parents both were members of the Australian national team in the 70s.Thus, Lauren (or LJ, as she’s commonly referred to) was exposed to basketball at a high level from an early age.In the history of women’s basketball there is a small, select group of influential women who have become household names due to their legendary game.When Australian forward Lauren Jackson of the Seattle Storm scored her 5,000th point in record time, not only did she carve a place for herself in the annals of WNBA history, she presented a justifiable opportunity to raise the proverbial question – when all is said and done, could Lauren Jackson be regarded as the best female basketball player of all time?

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The trash-talking, tattooed, pierced-tongue Aussie may not be the girl you bring home to mom, but make no mistake: Lauren is one tough mother with a basketball in her hands.

Lauren went on her first hoops road trip at two weeks and was holding a tiny basketball at four weeks.

At two years, she was guaranteeing Australia would win Olympic gold with her help.

I’ve seen You Tube videos, articles, commentary, blogs, studies and statistics that just bash us as if we’re the only imperfect women on planet earth! ” The Harvard MBA says: Most people would be afraid to touch this question with a 100-foot pole. First of all, you’re right about discrimination against black women.

Ok Cupid uses data from its online dating service to reveal how Americans actually behave, and it’s not always pretty.

For example, here’s one finding from a 2009 blog post: There are many historical reasons for this bias in the United States.

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