Salman khan dating kangana ranaut


Queen actress Kangana Ranaut recently voiced her opinion about the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena’s (MNS) ban on Pakistani artists and said that the nation is engulfed with emotions of loss of our soldiers, hence it is hard to be “objective” right now.“Right now we are under grave emotions of the loss of the lives of our soldiers (our jawans and our sons). It’s very hard to be objective right now,” said the 30-year-old actress.

This comes right after MNs’ threat to Karan Johar who asked him to chop off Fawad Khan’s role from The latest B-townie to have expressed her opinion of this highly sensitive issue is Kangana Ranaut.

Yes Indeed, Kangana has time and again proved herself as a versatile actress.

I guess, she has the ability to carry a movie on her own talent rather than piggy back on a well known name as a co actor.

The issue keeps coming up every few months – ‘GENDER EQUALITY IN BOLLYWOOD’ in the context of the pay scales for actors and actresses.

You often hear artistes labeling the fraternity as ‘male dominant’, ‘unfair to women’ ‘iconic of male chauvinism’ and much more.

However, later Kangana backed out when she realized that apart from remuneration she might not be able to dictate terms, especially with regards to her co-star Salman Khan.

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