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Over the summer Founder Dating, in partnership with Teach For America and with support from New Schools Venture Fund, launched their first vertical-specific initiative for people interested in solving problems related to teaching, learning and education in general.I was happy to be a part of the team that brought these individuals together and Thursday night’s kick-off event was full of some great conversations and early relationship building.One of the biggest challenges aspiring education entrepreneurs face is attracting seed and angel investments—often because these early stage ventures lack a complete team. We believe focusing on pairing great co-founders with diverse skill sets will benefit the K-12 education sector in innumerable ways; making it more robust, innovative, and collaborative.If you’d like to participate in Founder Dating: Education, apply now. Yes, entrepreneurs from across Oregon are welcome to apply. I got this e-mail from one of their employee in early March:====Hey fellow Dev's, I'm a ux designer who just joined the community and I wanted to share info about a great service that seems super relevant for this crew - Founder Dating (no, it's not romantic).Selected episodes of the program can also be viewed on the Internet through the Members Church of God International websites and on You Tube.It has been recognized as one of the longest-running religious programs in the Philippines. Initially, the TV program would only run for one hour due to limited funds.

This ought to be a case study on how to make a not-terrible concept into a really unsavory mess.Founder Dating allows potential founders to find and audition one another in a manner similar to many online dating sites.They have shown a commitment to having a balance of technical founders and founders with deep industry expertise (read teachers and school leaders).After careful screening and reference checks, 40 entrepreneurs were selected for the Portland network of Founder Dating.We are really excited about the people who are in the network now; they’re some of the best startup minds in town. The Founder Dating network is made up of people with a strong mix of business and technology experience, so entrepreneurs who are looking to recruit talent can not only find a potential co-founder, but also other team leaders with a variety of backgrounds. Portland now has a local group set up within Founder Dating but members have access to the entire network, which is national. If you are looking for a particular kind of person, you can search and filter by those skills. Can an entrepreneur somewhere else in Oregon also apply?It also features the use of multi-lingual and multi-dialectic translations of the Bible.

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