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While the term 'revolution' implies radical and widespread change, this was not necessarily the case.

Even in the 'liberal' sixties, conservative, traditionalist views were widely held, and many modern historians and social scientists are beginning to think that 'revolution' is too much of an overstatement.

It’s time to take mental health, mental illness and addiction — and all the messy, sometimes embarrassing, uneasy truths that accompany them — out from behind closed doors — and discuss them openly.

MHA’s 2017 Annual Conference will dive into these sometimes controversial topics in a way MHA never has done before.

Whether she’s calling for equal opportunity for American women (years before the founding of the National Organization for Women), championing a more discerning standard of beauty that goes beyond plastic surgery’s quest for eternal youth, lauding the liberating force of rock and roll, or demanding free and unfettered speech on university campuses and beyond, Paglia can always be counted on to get to the heart of matters large and small. [Her] new book is inspirational in its tone and its message that freedom belongs to both sexes.” —Helen Smith, The New Criterion“Topics run the gamut, including an essay praising The Real Housewives; her famous 1990 piece on Madonna in which she deemed her ‘the future of feminism;’ and an astute essay analyzing the cultural, aesthetic, and historical implications of stilettos. She is most on point when she analyzes pop culture, design, and art—managing to put an intellectual spin on lowbrow entertainment and turn more obtuse academic topics into something relatable and enthralling.” —Adrienne Urbanski, BUST “Polemical, thought-provoking, enraging, funny, and brave. Paglia’s sharp tongue and clear vision veer toward forceful assertions and snappy insults as often as practical perspective and common-sense solutions.

At once illuminating, witty, and inspiring, these essays are essential reading that affirm the power of men and women and what we can accomplish together. An introductory essay offers a compelling glimpse into Paglia’s childhood in the 1950s that led her toward feminism and strong female role models like Amelia Earhart and Katharine Hepburn.

And when one compares sexual attitudes in the United States to sexual attitudes in Western Europe, it becomes evident that there is a strong correlation between social conservatism and higher rates of teen pregnancy, abortion and sexually transmitted diseases.

The Christian Right would consider the following five European countries to be quite “permissive” when compared to the United States.

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The Netherlands has a reputation for being one of the most pro-sex countries in the world, and it isn’t hard to understand why.

To extreme social conservatives of the far right, the word “prude” is not an insult — it’s a badge of honor.

“Prudes,” they would argue, should be upheld as exemplary role models because a sexually repressive society is also a society with fewer unplanned pregnancies and fewer sexually transmitted diseases.

Despite this, there were changes in sexual attitudes and practices, particularly among the young.

Like much of the radicalism from the 1960s, the sexual revolution was often seen to have been centered on the university campus and students.

Attitudes to a variety of issues changed, sometimes radically, throughout the decade.

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