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The individual who files the Petition is known as the “Petitioner,” and the person who is served the Petition (either in person or by mail) is the “Respondent.” The date the Respondent receives the Petition (also called “Date of Service”) is significant because it marks the beginning of the six-month waiting period the court requires.

Once the six-month period is over, you are then eligible to request your marital status be terminated and a judgment entered.

Community Q&A Elite is the top level of gymnastics competition.

At the elite level, you can compete internationally.

A number of individual settlement agreements have already been reached, and several manufacturers have announced global deals to settle large volumes of cases.

Despite the settlements, thousands of cases continue to move forward to trial and new lawsuits continue to be filed.

All of the complaints involve similar allegations that the medical device manufacturers designed and sold defective and unreasonably dangerous products, failing to adequately warn women and the medical community about the risk of vaginal mesh failure.

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