Eva mendes and denzel washington dating


In 2008 Mendes checked into Utah's Cirque Lodge rehab center for undisclosed issues.Her long-term relationship with filmmaker George Augusto ended in the late 2000s.It's much more acceptable to have a Latin woman with a black male.”Eva Mendes was born on March 5, 1974, in Miami, Florida, and is of Cuban descent.At age 10, Mendes and her older brothers and sisters moved to Los Angeles with their mother after her parents divorced. I came from a lower-middle-class family, so I would imagine all kinds of things.Mendes, then a marketing major at California State University in Northridge, dropped out in 1997 to pursue an acting career. The next year, Calvin Klein tapped her as its new face and body in its sexy and provocative ads.The actress continued take on film roles over the next few years, such as Along with fame came personal challenges.

Then I thought about being a movie star when I saw . As she grew older, her path changed when a Hollywood casting agent saw her photos in a friend's portfolio.“In Hollywood logic, to pair a black woman and a black male makes a black movie.A white woman and a black male becomes a little controversial.She has appeared in several music videos and has sung with Cee Lo Green.Mendes has been a model and ambassador for Cocio chocolate milk, Magnum ice cream, Revlon, Calvin Klein, Cartier, Thierry Mugler perfume, Reebok, Campari apéritif, Pantene shampoo, Morgan, and Peek & Cloppenburg.He seems to take these ladies on one or two publicized dates and is then never seen with them again.

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