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The record sold 617,000 copies in the US, and 828,773 copies worldwide in its first three days of availability, becoming the fastest-selling album in the history of the i Tunes Store, before being surpassed by Adele's 25 in 2015.It was reissued in November 2014 as part of a platinum edition, along with an extended play of new songs.This year was also the first year since 2006 to return to the Radio City Music Hall for the awards and unlike in 2008, where the show was held in a warehouse, this show was at a real venue with a live audience.Rapper Wale and go-go band UCB served as the house band for the show, performing right before, during, and right after commercial breaks.That didn't stop Ebro and the rest of the Hot 97 team from grilling him over his involvement though.And when we say grilling, we mean burned to a cinder over maximum heat on a gas-fuelled BBQ.This week’s sales report is the first to accommodate Billboard’s new measurement system in which the charts account for not only the number of albums sold, but also the number of singles sold as well as the number of times an album is streamed.

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For the finale of the show, they showed the trailer of Michael Jackson's This Is It.

The awards were held a few months after Michael Jackson died.

The VMAs dedicated the night to Jackson with an opening performance featuring a music video montage medley with dancers performing Jackson's choreography and concluding with a special appearance by Janet Jackson performing her duet "Scream" alongside footage of her brother.

The new format and a couple new Hip Hop releases shook up the Billboard Top 200 with Eminem’s , the rapper’s second album in less than a year, debuted at #6 with just under 75,000 total albums sold. I., Chris Brown, and Pharrell Williams all jumped up the list thanks to the new ranking system while both Beyonce and Iggy Azalea have albums and their respective rereleases in the Top 10 Hip Hop/R&B albums of the week.

With a total of 137,560 albums sold and a stream activity count of 2,804,463 as of Sunday (November 30), Eminem’s arrived as the #3 album in the country with a total activity count of 148,297.

(The album had a separate song sales number of 88,686, which also contributes to the latest total activity report.) The sales numbers place the compilation album firmly within the projected first sales of 140,000 to 150,000 and come just after news that quickly became the #1 i Tunes album, a fact Crooked I recently celebrated with a new freestyle.

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