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A 5,610-feet passageway burrowed through a piece of rocky peninsula will allow vessels to avoid a treacherous part of sea.Because of spring the Ice Queen developed several allergies at the same time.Go to the emergency room right away and learn how to treat the pimples, swellings and rashes on her face. Discover incredible face drawings and makeup styles with Ladybug!Rapunzel is absolutely in love with flower crowns and she wants to style them for the upcoming festival season.Summer is the perfect season to try out a colorful bright makeup. Ice Princess loves gaming, reading, and other geeky activities, so she's always happy to blend her hobbies and her fashion style.We brought in a dating expert and “man-el” (panel of men) to help her improve her profile, but Clinton took it a step further by giving her a life-changing makeover!

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